Moroccanoil truly cares about it's customer reputation and guarantees the highest quality of products, so it takes special care to keep you safe from forgery.

Please ensure that you only buy Moroccanoil products from official Ru Beauty partners, which is the exclusive brand distributor in Russia, and in professional salons which you can find here «Where to buy».

Moroccanoil® has launched a sophisticated tracking system that follows each product straight from the source and all around the globe. Each product is stamped with tracking codes, one visible matrix code and multiple hidden codes. Like a fingerprint, this code is unique and cannot be removed. If one of these codes is damaged or cut, or the color of package seems not to be original, please, do not buy it.

If you have any doubts about the product you have bought or if you’ve seen our products sold by unauthorized sources, please contact Ru Beauty on +7 (499) 500-46-00 or Our Quality Control team will check every case.

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